A Bronx native is doing his part to help cure cancer one day with his own brand.

Matthew Gresia, 21, is a Morris Park native and a senior at Manhattan College.

Creativity from his Italian tailor grandpa that he never met and the desire to fight the cancer that killed him combined and a brand was born.

He created Canswer -- a fashion brand that donates money to cancer research and raising awareness.  Gresia combined the words cancer and answer, with a goal is to find an answer to cancer that works.

He launched the brand in 2016 when he was a sophomore.

The brand has grown entirely via social media -- with 20,000 followers on Instagram now.  And connections made including meeting the late rapper Mac Miller and his DJ Clockwork backstage at a show.  They took the socks on tour with them and sold them with their merchandise.

Another connection made was to Alexandria, a 9-year-old girl hiking the Appalachian Trail to raise money for Saint Jude’s Children's Hospital.  They made a shirt together to help raise money for both of their missions.

Gresia says he hopes to get his socks, hats, shirts and hoodies into retail stores soon.